Anduril Scottish Deerhounds

Bracken on Stage

On the 31st of March 2012 Bracken made his successful stage theatre debut at Her Majesty's Theatre in Adelaide.  Bracken supported Melinda Schneider in her very successful stage show DORIS, which she describes as a heart felt homage to Doris Day.  The show is co-written by Melinda and muscial theatre scribe David Mitchell.  



Carole Williams who owns Bracken described his debut ...................... 

"....after interval Bracken waited for a few numbers from Melinda, who was wonderful.  Then he was on.  Melinda called him from where she was sitting on stage and he made his entrance.  It was a packed house and there were gasps from the wings and ahhs from the audience.  He looked over towards them then went to Melinda.  He looked every bit a Royal dog.  Melinda fussed over him which he loved then there were gales of laughter from the audience.  Apparently he sat his bottom on the couch beside Melinda and his front legs on the floor.  The audience loved it.  Then he jumped up on the couch beside her and smothered her in doggy kisses.  The audience roared and clapped.  He then lay down quietly on the couch beside her while she sang to him.  He was brilliant and I nearly cried with pride.  

Afterwards Melinda said that I should take him to the foyer as people would want to see him.  Well did they ever!  There were hoards of people calling out "Is that the dog on the stage?" and "What breed is he?" They pressed around us to get a glimpse of him and take photos.  I heard so many people saying it was worth the price of the ticket just to see Bracken with Melinda!  What an exciting day!  Bracken is now sound asleep - he was so tired!"     

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