Anduril Scottish Deerhounds Generation

Puppies ............................the next generation carries the tradition into the future.  If we as breeders do a good job then we improve the breed for the future while retaining breed type. 

After an enforced break from breeding due to some serious family health problems our latest litter was born on 11th October 2023.  Winona (Clachtoll Winona) produced 10 puppies, 3 boys and 7 girls sired by Arty (Eilrig Carry the Lad).  Having a litter of 10 puppies after a long break was quite a challenge for us however all made worthwhile when we see these athletic, intelligent puppies taking their places in their new homes. As usual most of these puppies have gone to homes where the family already have experience with Deerhounds.  Three puppies from this litter, River, Brook and Willow will stay with us at Anduril and the other seven are all in SA or Victoria. One of these girls is living with Martin Calvert (Eilrig Deerhounds) who bred our gorgeous Arty (Eilrig Carry the Lad) and Coco (Anduril The Mackintosh Rose) has settled in well to life with Martin at Eilrig.           

On 4th July 2013 Ailsa (Ch Anduril Ailsa Craig) became the proud mother of 8 puppies, 4 boys and 4 girls sired by Robbie (Ch Anduril Robbie Burns).  Ailsa safely delivered her pups naturally and has proven to be an oustanding mother who is totally devoted to her puppies.  A number of these puppies already had homes before they were born and we are really pleased that they are mostly going to homes who have previously had the experience of living with a Scottish Deerhound.  Two girls from this litter, Isla and Cully will stay with us at Anduril and the others have all made their journeys to their forever homes across the country.

On 19th October 2012 Raven (Gr Ch Anduril Ravenscraig) safely delivered two gorgeous puppies for Fyrth Kennels.  As Melanie was also having a litter from Meg (Ch Anduril Tam O'Shanters Meg) at the same time, Raven delivered her puppies at Anduril.  Fyrth Fifty Shades of Grey (Clyde) has stayed here with us and we are grateful to Melanie for this delightful boy with the exceptionally topical name!  His sister Fyrth Three Libras (Hana) is living a wonderful family life in Victoria.

On 19th January 2009 Faith (Anduril Greyfriars Faith) safely delivered her litter of 13 pups  - 8 boys and 5 girls sired by Aust Ch Mapleridge Jeremy.  We are very impressed with her devotion and dedication to her pups both through their natural birth and in her constant attention in rearing them.  One of the puppies from this litter Anduril Usquabae Barleycorn (Angus) owned by Rob McDougal in ACT went to his first show in August 2009 and took Minor Puppy in Show from his first outing - expertly handled by Melanie Buckley. Ch Anduril Robbie Burns and Ch Anduril Tam O'Shanters Meg have now taken their place in our breeding program and already produced outstanding puppies for the future.  Ch Anduril Robbie Burns was awarded Best in Show at the Adelaide Royal Show 2013 from an entry of 2619 dogs under Swedish judge Mr Kenneth Edh. 

On 21st September 2007 Caileag (Coralfern Caileag Caraid) again safely delivered two girls sired this time by Supreme Ch Bhealaich Gotta Luv Me (Scraps).  Scrappy is the top winning Deerhound of all time in Australia - an amazing achievement at such a young age.  The girls are Grand Ch Anduril Ravenscraig and Aust Ch Anduril Ailsa Craig.  Ailsa has stayed with us at Anduril and her sister Raven is living with her dad (Scrappy) and his family in Canberra.  At just twelve months old Raven secured her Australian Championship title and at fourteen months she had won Best in Group awards at Championship Show level.  Raven was the top Deerhound Puppy and Top Deerhound Bitch in Australia for 2008 under the Dogzonline Pointscoring system and National Dog system.  Now a Grand Champion multiple Best in Specialty Show winner Raven is owned, loved and professionally handled by Melanie Buckley of Fyrth Kennels in the ACT.   We are very proud of both of these girls and it is special to have one living with their mum and one with their dad!  We are very grateful to Melanie for allowing us to use Scraps and we strongly value her support of our breeding program.  We sincerely congratulate Melanie on her multiple achievements with both Raven and Scrappy and look forward to seeing her continued success!!    

On 5th July 2006 Caileag (Coralfern Caileag Caraid) became the proud mother of 8 girls sired by Sean (Ch Clachtoll Sean). These girls have been a delightful litter and are placed in caring homes around the country.  Two of the girls, Abbey and Faith, have stayed with us at Anduril and Abbey has already attained her Australian Championship title in the show ring and was also Top National Deerhound Puppy 2007 on the Dogzonline Point Score.  We put a lot of time and effort into our pups so we need to be assured that you can continue to provide them with a safe, secure and caring environment before we will be willing to consider you as one of our prospective puppy owners.  These girls have gone to people who will be dedicated to managing the emotional and physical well being of this special breed. 

We sometimes know of an adult that would be available to a loving home.   Adult dogs are always desexed before moving to new owners and anyone interested would need to meet all of our usual criteria for puppy ownership.  

If you are looking for a Deerhound puppy we are happy to chat to you and explain our requirements of puppy owners. We also recommend you contact the Deerhound Club of Victoria who can advise you about the breed and of any litters available.  We recommend our puppy owners join the club. If you are considering this breed we believe this is a good way to inform yourself before you choose your kennel/puppy.    

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